Gorilla Surf

Digital Art Design
Opensea Mintable

HEX Gorillas

HEX Gorillas, the first NFT collection produced by Gorilla Nixon, the digital artist, showcases HEX colors and begins the first stage of an epic project.

What does it all mean?

HEX Gorillas is purely an art project tokenized on the blockchain using existing platforms at this stage. In our next epic stage, we are designing a process to create millions of colors using blockchain technology. We will be using the complete unpredictability and unimaginable algebra involved in this ERC-11555 project to generate an entire HEX Universe. Learn More


New Idol

"Our new ideal," with a digital concept that brings together the best of what we vibe on.

Gorilla Nixon

All Gorillas, all the time. Top collection of Digital Artist Gorilla Nixon. Mixed Media & Digital Art

Rave Blaze

Color blazes a massive intense feeling. Artist Stoicy Blaze delivers an impactful range of emotions


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